The 7th Conference  – „Polish special features of Christian education and organizing Christian camps” [Report]

Last weekend, April 14-16, 2023, Christians from Poland and Ukraine met at the seventh conference of the Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin.  We dealt with the topic „Polish specifics of Christian education and organization of Christian camps”. The lectures were given by Krzysztof Kolt from „Camp Genesis” and Olga Felonenko and Anna Rozhkova from „Solid Rock Mission”.

This time the lectures were devoted to the topic of children’s education. The first part of the lectures was devoted to biblical basics – what the Bible says about teaching, learning and acquiring knowledge, as well as what qualities should characterize a teacher, what attitude should a student have and what teacher-student relations should look like. In the second part of the lectures, participants learned about the practical aspects of organizing summer camps, weekend activities and other forms of organizing time for children. Legal issues were raised as well as those related to recruiting the right people. Examples of specific activities that are conducted with children of different age ranges were presented. Participants were also provided with sources to expand the presented knowledge, as well as contacts to experienced people whom you can ask for support so that you can independently organize activities for children and youth.

Krzysztof Kolt: for more than 10 years organizer of Christian summer camps for children and youth „Camp Genesis” and owner of two Christian preschools.

Olga Felonenko and Anna Rozhkova: organizers of Christian camps for children and youth „Solid Rock Mission.” After Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, they are carrying out their ministry among the children of refugees who found shelter in Poland.

Lectures from the 7 convention are on the YouTube channel of the Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute.

The Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin is the first project of its kind in our country. The main goal of the Institute is to integrate biblical Christians from Ukraine and Poland to carry out evangelistic and church projects together, as well as to exchange experiences of working for Jesus in the Ukrainian and Polish peoples, learn from each other and pray together for the future of our nations. The lectures are given by pastors, professors and Christian leaders from various evangelical churches and organizations.

The first lectures of the Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin were held on August 20, 2022. To date, six conferences of the Institute have taken place:

  • „Discipline in the Church”.
  • „How to read and study the Bible independently?”
  • „The Reformation in Poland – lessons for contemporaries”.
  • „Will our generation carry out the great missionary command of Jesus in Poland?”
  • „Christianity and psychology. Pastoral care in the prevention of mental dysfunctions, diseases and disorders”
  • „How to gain power in the state?”

Those interested in the activities of the Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin are invited to contact: [email protected] 

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