The fifth meeting of the Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin – Biblical Counseling

The fifth meeting of the Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin will be held on December 3. This time the lecturer will be Ireneusz Dawidowicz – pastor of the „Way of Salvation” church of the Baptist Church in Poland and a psychologist with a clinical specialty. Pastor Dawidowicz is also co-founder and vice-president of the Association „Towards Good Hope”, where he works and contributes as a psychologist, therapist and pastor of the association’s mentees coming mainly from the community of homeless, poor and addicted people. He also works as a psychologist at the Psychiatric Hospital in Choroszcz and the Podlasie Psychogeriatric Center. Pastor Ireneusz Dawidowicz is also a lecturer at the Higher Baptist Theological Seminary in Warsaw.

During the lectures, we will look at psychosomatic diseases and dysfunctions from a biblical and scientific perspective. We will analyze the main ways to help people suffering from psychosomatic diseases and consider what the Church’s attitude towards such people should be.

The purpose of the lectures will be to obtain the necessary knowledge of psychosomatic diseases and dysfunctions, based on a biblical basis, and to develop in the participants a sensible approach and courage to undertake the prevention of psychosomatic disorders – both in pastoral terms and in specialized medical or clinical advice.

The Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin is the first such project in Poland. The main goal of the Institute is to integrate biblical Christians from Ukraine and Poland in order to implement joint evangelization and church projects and exchange experiences of working for Jesus in Ukraine and Poland, learn from each other and pray together for the future of our nations. During the school year, ten sessions will take place – one per month.

The lecturers are pastors, professors and Christian leaders drawn from various evangelical churches and organizations.

Those interested in the activities of the Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin are welcome to contact: [email protected]