Session 2: How to read and study the Bible on your own?

How do you study the Bible? What to pay attention to? Where to start? What to do if you do not understand a passage of the Bible? These and many other questions were answered for the students of the Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin present at the second meeting, held on September 17.

The second session of the Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute was devoted to the topic „How to read and study the Bible on your own?”. The classes were conducted by Zdzislaw Miara – one of the founders of Financial Education CROWN, Marriage Meetings ALMA, and former National Director of the Mt 28 Christian Movement. To study and teach the Scriptures has been his passion for over 40 years.

In addition to an extensive lecture section devoted to detailed information on the analysis of the biblical text, Zdzislaw Miara and students conducted exercises using specific passages of Scripture. We also discussed difficult passages from the Letter to the Hebrews, which required deeper analysis.

In the breaks between lectures, participants had the opportunity to talk about important topics, as well as to strengthen mutual ties. 

Lectures from the second convention are available on the  YouTube channel of the Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute.

The Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin is the first project of its kind in Poland. The main goal of the Institute is to integrate biblical Christians from Ukraine and Poland in order to carry out evangelistic and church projects together, as well as to exchange experiences of working for Jesus in the Ukrainian and Polish peoples, learning from each other and praying together for the future of our nations. During the school year, ten sessions will take place – one per month.

The lecturers are pastors, professors, and Christian leaders from Poland and Ukraine.

If you are interested in joining the Institute, please contact us: [email protected]

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