HOW TO READ AND STUDY THE BIBLE ON YOUR OWN? Polish-Ukrainian Biblical Institute in Lublin – September session!

In less than three weeks, the second meeting of the Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin will take place. This time the lectures will be conducted by Zdzisław Miara – one of the founders of Financial Education CROWN, Marriage Meetings ALMA, and former National Director of the Mt 28 Christian Movement. His passion for over 40 years has been to study and teach the Scriptures.

The main topic of the lectures in September will be:

– an introduction to the process of independent reading and study of the Bible

– the application of interpretative principles based on unclear passages of the Letter to the Hebrews.

The Polish-Ukrainian Bible Institute in Lublin is the first such project in Poland. The main goal of the Institute is to integrate biblical Christians from Ukraine and Poland in order to implement joint evangelization and church projects and exchange experiences of working for Jesus in Ukraine and Poland, learn from each other and pray together for the future of our nations. During the school year, ten sessions will take place – one per month. The lecturers are pastors, professors, and Christian leaders from Poland and Ukraine.

If you are interested in joining the Institute, please contact us: [email protected]